ESPRESSO MILANO brings to Myanmar top innovative Italian Espresso capsules and coffee products, elevating the familiar espresso coffee to new heights of flavor. The combination of our innovative air tight "EVO" coffee capsules along with our unique tamp dome "EXTRA CREAM" technology generates a unique Robusta cream and extracts the perfect coffee from our gourmet blends, providing a rich and fulfilling coffee experience. The capsules are available in a variety of blends, which have been selected and created by ESPRESSO MILANO coffee experts. ESPRESSO MILANO capsules are designed to be compatible with all Nespresso coffee Machines.


The familiar and beloved house blend contains 100% select Arabica coffee beans. The blend is characterized by a fruity acidity and honey aftertaste.


A strong and sweet blend containing 100% selected Arabica coffee beans. As a mixture between coffee beans originating in Central and South America and coffee beans from Tanzania,


A blend intended for everyday pleasure, provide touches of Robusta coffee to create full-bodied espresso, recommended for soft and smooth cappuccino.


Our perfect espresso blend contains 100% selected Arabica coffee beans. This blend is subtle, balanced, offering a hint of hazelnut flavor and a bitter finish.


Drawn from coffees of four continents, this blend combines high mountain grown Arabica’s with extra selected Robusta’s to make a truly “Extra Strong Milano Blend”.

A Beautiful Morning to Start with Espresso Milano


ESPRESSO MILANO provides you a variety of blends to suit every requirement and every taste. You might enjoy our homemade SATURNINO blend, which contains 100% select Arabica coffee beans, or you may prefer our extra strong CESARE blend Contain high mountain grown Arabica beans with especially selected Robusta beans to make a truly "Extra Strong Milano Blend". For a richer bodied flavor combined with hints of candied fruit, it is worth trying the VALENTINO blend, or FIORENZA for a sweeter and smoother experience. Or in contrast, you may appreciate the coarser blend of LORENZO. One thing is certain … NO MATTER WHICH COFFEE YOU LIKE, OR HOW YOU LIKE IT we will bring it to you for your drinking pleasure, whether it is in your coffee shop or in the comfort of your own living room…We are here for you with the most outstanding and innovative Italian Espresso coffee, providing you with the best tastes, the best prices, and no less important, the best service!
We appreciate that your time is valuable and precious. There for as an ESPRESSO MILANO CLUB MEMBER, you can simply place your order and we will deliver it to your home or office Free of charge any time, any day.
All you have to do is place your order via our website or call-center, getting update with our latest deals, and in 24 hours along with the tastes and aromas of our finest Italian Espresso – it will arrive straight at your doorstep!